COVID-19 (subject to changes as the pandemic evolves):

1) Vax+booster sent in advance, 2) well fitted N95 (provided), 3) lab-administered negative COVID TEST 24 hs prior + confirmation by on-site quick test (provided), 4) outcalls only at maximum 600 ppm CO2 ppm


  • SESSIONS (Mexico City): 400 USD/hr (minimum 2 hs) 25% deposit ONE WEEK in advance
  • ONLINE: 200 USD/hr (full deposit 2-3 days ahead to ensure availability) +100 USD/hr same-day (if available) minimum 3 hs in advance
  • INTRODUCTORY INTERVIEW/COACHING: online 300 USD + 200 USD in-person (full deposit)
  • PRIVATE TRAVEL (WAITING LIST): starting at 5,000 USD (minimum of 2 days) 50% deposit at least 2 WEEKS ahead + expenses depending on destination


Rates & conditions are subject to change. All deposits are NON-REFUNDABLE. 1 USD=20 MXP

WINTER SCHEDULE: availability only FRIDAYS & SATURDAYS 18-04 hs UTC (noon to 10 PM CDMX/US Central) for DISTANCE PAID APPOINTMENTS and complimentary BRIEF TEXTING for arrangements and information NOT included in this website (3-4 days advance arrangements are encouraged: short notice availability may not be guaranteed)

Sessions in-person require SUBMISSION APPLICATION via email to: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. (text after having sent it) AND previous online session with the Goddess, verifiable referral by another reputable Domina, or introductory interview under tribute to evaluate compatibility (WAITING LIST FOR SPRING 2023)

Allow up to 72 hs to receive a written response, but iIf you require a quicker one or do not hear back after that time, make a respectful phone call after texting the following: 

1) your name/scene name and email, 

2) your request in short,

3) how you like to feel when submitting,

4) if another Domina is vouching for you. 

Whatsapp/Telegram: +52 1 55 3270 0138 

Phone calls (after texting) from noon to 10pm CDMX/US Central (-6 UTC) 

Ms. Jaguar will answer your call herself if available or text/call you back as soon as She is able. DO NOT call earlier than noon and NEVER at midnight, drunk or under the influence (you will be blacklisted).



  • Cancellations due to major force keep 100% of deposit to be credited to a new appointment if they are notified at least 48 hs prior to the session, while notification between 48 and 24 hs mean the credit will be 50%.
  • Should a COVID test result POSITIVE the session will be reprogrammed at no additional cost for a single time. It will be under Her criteria how to proceed if that happens a second time.
  • Falsifying or not sending the COVID test in a timely manner causes CANCELLATION WITHOUT REFUND. Goddess Jaguar may require additional tribute or another penalty to re-schedule, or deny another appointment altogether.


  • Goddess Jaguar may cancell without any refund if the sub/slave arrives without proper cleaning, due to any violation to Her limits such as: using drugs before or during session, attempts to negotiate sex or touching Her without Her permission, bratty behavior or attempts to topping from the bottom, mentioning illegal activities, unmasking without Her permission or anything She deems dangerous or disrespectful.



  • Read all this website first to avoid asking what is already published. Such communications may not be responded. 
  • Always IDENTIFY yourself first (name or scene name) even if you sessioned with the Goddess before the pandemic. Be respectful and polite. Be sincere and true to your feelings, wishes, limits, fears and doubts. 
  • Be concise:up to 500 words (additional to the 250 of the application) allowed for free in 1-2 emails (or a short text thread within a couple of days), before booking a date, or requiring a paid in-depth interview.
  • Only the loyal slaves who consistently honortheir word and book paid online time at least every other month (or in-person twice a year) may have the privilege of enjoying some more personal attention in a complimentary manner via Her phone.


  • The Goddess DOES NOT respond to private messages in social media but only to her phone (whatsapp/telegram) or email, and as long as they are not a single “hi” or contain abbreviated grammar, detailed scripts of requested scenes, emotional manipulation (cries, threats to self-harm and so on), raunchy language, sexual or unlawful requests, unsolicited explicit pictures, “no limits” claims, or anything She deems disrespectful.