Entering another dimension

Visiting Domme Jaguar is like entering another dimension where time stops flowing while incredible sensations. All visits have been wonderful but the last time I experienced the total submission to test the chastity belt that she had prepared for me. I never thought I could endure such apparatus covering around my balls and my penis but to my surprise I expected the pain became an eternal pleasure that held me under his wishes and commands. I look forward to the next opportunity to pay worship it deserves.


My session with Domme Jaguar

I just had the pleasure to have a session with Mistress Domme Jaguar and it was a memorable experience. I’ve had sessions for many years with various Mistresses in México and The United States, and I can affirm that Mistress Domme Jaguar belongs to an elite group of Mistresses. She is very professional  and gave me very clear instructions in Oder to book Her.

We meet at her dungeon in México City and had a previous and nice talk to set agreements like safety word, limits, tolerance to pain, past experiences, all in order to assure the best session for both parts. Once the session began it was unforgettable, she is beautiful and very dominating in every sense, I enjoyed when she squeezed me very tight first with her legs and then with her arms around my body while I had my hands hanged by cuffs, I screamed loudly in pain, I can’t believe how much this hurt, the torture pinching and biting my teats was terrific, but what I enjoyed most was the breath control part, I had told her about my fetish for breath control and she made me feel in heaven, in special the breast smother part, no words to describe that, and the handsmothering with black leather gloves was sensuous, sadic, vicious, delicious, incredible,  the hand over mouth while applying electricity or pinching my teat at the same time was great too.

I hope to have another session with her soon, it was an experience that worth to live again.

Juan From México